Controlling Curl

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Learn how to master Tunisian Crochet with an EXPERT from the comfort of your own home!

Worked with a tool that's a cross between a crochet hook and a knitting needle, Tunisian crochet creates interesting textures and lends itself to bold color combinations. In this class, you'll learn the basic Tunisian stitches before making a versatile garment that's worn eight different ways. Jennifer Hansen teaches you how in her online Craftsy class Tunisian Crochet.

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Tunisian crochet fabric has a natural tendency to curl.  Here are a few hints to control this tendency:

  • Think BIG HOOKS!  When working the same yarn in standard crochet, consider a hook of wider diameter for Tunisian crochet.  Not only will you achieve a more desirable fabric drape, but you will be "combating the curl".
  • Work the base chain and the bind off loosely.  You may find it helpful to work these stitches in a larger diameter hook than the rest of the work. 
  • Block your work!
  • Edge your work with standard crochet stitches.