Basic Turn Cord

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Learn to Lucet

The most comprehensive guide to this ancient tool yet published!

Do more with the yarn you already have! Learn to use this ancient Viking cording tool to make strong and very sturdy cords that you can use in so many ways.

Make your knit and crochet projects even better. Use them to make drawstrings, lacings, buttons and embellishments for your knit and crochet projects. Also make jewelry, designer shoelaces, home improvement hacks and more with these strong cords.

Author Jennifer Hansen teaches you 6 fundamental cord types and give you full instructions for 8 fun, easy and useful lucet projects.

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This is the cord that most people learn first.  It's super sturdy and versatile.

Use it as a drawstring for a bag project , as a shoelace, or as any kind of tie. (They're used here to help wrap a present.) You can even tie them in knots and use them as buttons for your projects.

Once you get the hang of it, it's totally meditative work.  Take a look at our general tips on the lucet home page.  We've included a cheat sheet and a video below to get you started.


If you've never used a lucet before, grab one of our gorgeous Wool Tree Lucets and follow along with the "How To" video below: 


Your First Lucet Cord