Row Counter Abacus (Steel)

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Count your rows with this clever jewelry!

Wear it as a necklace or just dangle it as a charm from your project bag. Don't worry, you don't need to coddle it. 

It's tough, it won't snag your stitches, and because you can carry it so many different ways, it'll be there when you need it! Hand-forged in steel, this elegant Row Counter Abacus requires no special handling to do its job. (See all our styles of abacuses.)

To use just hook it through your project stitches or slide it onto your knitting needle. Perfect for knitters or crocheters.

Counts from 1 to 19. See images and details below for use instructions.

Created in the USA with dichroic glass beads and hand-forged annealed steel wire. Then carefully sealed in micro-crystalline wax.

Includes leather cord to wear as necklace and a removable hand forged clip as pictured.

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How to use the row counting abacus:

Row Counting Abacus

You will slide the beads from the upper holding area to the lower loop when you want to count.

Have you ever kept count of something by a tally of verticle lines then a diagonal line across 4 vertical lines to symbolize 5? If so, you already know how to use one of these abacuses. The same principle applies.

Notice that there are 2 colors of beads in the charm: 3 of one color (we call these the "5"s)  and 4 of the other. (we call these the "1"s).

To count:

  1. Slide down a "1" bead every time you want to count a row until you have completed 4 rows (and have 4 "1" beads on the loop below).
  2. To count the 5th row, slide the 4 "1" beads back to their holding area and slide down a "5" bead to the lower loop.
  3. Continue sliding down "1" beads until you have counted 9 rows and have 1 "5" bead and 4 "1" beads down below.
  4. To count the 10th row, slide the 4 "1" beads back to their holding area and slide down a 2nd "5" bead to the lower loop.  You will now have 2 "5" beads in the lower loop.
  5. Continue in this manner until you have hit 19 rows. The row counting image above shows bead positions for rows 2 through 9, then for row 19.

About the abacus:

Jennifer Hansen designed this abacus for herself and had so much fun wrangling wire that she made a batch to offer on the website. Have you ever wanted to make wire jewelry? Read her blog post to find out how she learned to work with wire

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