Making Loops

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Making loops with wire is easy with round nose pliers.  This is a fundamental wire working skill and with practice, one acquires a touch for placing the round nose pliers at just the right points to create perfectly-formed loops every time.

Making Loops with Wire, Step 1

Step 1:  Using round nose pliers grab the wire at what will be the base of the loop.  The larger the loop, the farther down on the wire you will need to start the loop.

Making Loops with Wire, Step 2

Step 2:  Bend wire to form a ninety degree angle.  Be mindful when bending the wire of what plane you would like your loop to be in.

Making Loops with Wire, Step 3

Step 3: Use the tapered nose of the round nose pliers to control the size of the loop.  Clamp pliers down at the tip of the bent wire at the position on the nose that has the diameter loop that you desire.

Making Loops with Wire, Step 4

Step 4:  Twist wire with pliers to form the loop.

Making Loops with Wire, Step 5

Completed Loop:   Pictured is a completed loop.  It is helpful to leave a small space to connect the loop to another component.  Once connected, use pliers to squeeze shut.