Solomon's Knot

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Crochet Lace Class

Learn how to crochet the tricky Solomon's Knot, including tips for using them with an EXPERT from the comfort of your own home!

Discover how simple it is to create crochet lace. Learn the basics of a number of crochet lace techniques including Hairpin Lace, Bruges Lace, Irish Crochet and more! Jennifer Hansen teaches you how in her online Craftsy class Classic Crochet Openwork.

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Learn to work the Solomon’s Knot - This lacey stitch makes a great all-over pattern for shawls and scarves. It also looks wonderful when combined with traditional crochet stitches to make unique lace patterns.



Solomon's Knot, Step 1


Step 1: With one loop on the hook, draw up loop to the desired length.

Solomon's Knot, Step 2


Step 2: Yarn over and draw through this extended loop, keeping the new single back thread at the same length as the first loop and separated from it with your thumb: 1 loop on hook.

Solomon's Knot, Step 3


Step 3: Insert the hook under this single back thread, yarn over, and pull a loop through: 2 loops on hook.

Solomon's Knot, Step 4


Step 4: To complete the stitch, yarn over and pull through both loops on the hook.