Crochet In Between Posts of Stitches

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Working in between the posts of stitches when working a crochet fabric creates a more open fabric then working in the top of stitches.

You can crochet between the posts of any crochet stitch.   The photos below demonstrate crocheting between the posts of double crochet stitches using double crochet stitches. 


Crochet In Between Posts of Stitches, Stitch Anatomy



Anatomy of a Crochet Stitch:  Pictured to the left is a crochet fabric made of 2 rows of double crochet stitches.  Following are some definitions of the parts of a crochet stitch:

      • Post:  The post of the stitch is the main vertical portion of the stitch.
      • Front/Back Loop:  The upper part of the stitch is defined by 2 loops.  The front loop is the loop that is closest, the back loop is the one that is farthest from you.
      • Top of the Stitch:  This is the space just underneath the front and back loops and above the 3rd horizontal thread of the stitch.  Unless instructions direct otherwise, this is the spot where the hook should be inserted to create a crochet stitch.
      • Between Stitches:  Underneath all horizontal threads of the stitch and between the posts of the crochet stitches is the spot where you should insert your hook if directed to work between crochet stitches.

Crochet In Between Posts of Stitches, Standard Crochet Location


Standard Crochet Location

Here's a look at the standard location for inserting the hook to make a crochet stitch.  Not that it is below the front and back loops, yet above the lower horizontal thread.


Crochet In Between Posts of Stitches, Working Between Stitches


Working Between Stitches

To work between crochet stitches, the hook is inserted underneath all of the horizontal threads of the stitch and between the posts. 

Crochet In Between Posts of Stitches, The Difference


See the Difference?

In the crochet fabric pictured to the left, the top row is worked between the posts of the stitches of the row below.  In the middle row, the double crochet stitches are worked in the standard way at the top of the stitch.