Base Adjustable Ring

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An alternative method of creating a base ring for working in the round, unlike methods of chaining then joining the chain and working the fist round into the chain ring, this method allows you to pull the ring tightly closed after working the first round so that there is no hole whatsoever at the center of the work.  Work the adjustable ring using the following steps:


Crochet Base Adjustable Ring, Step 1


Step 1:  Make a large loop with your yarn, leaving a 4" tail trailing from your loop.


Crochet Base Adjustable Ring, Step 2


Step 2:  With the hook, draw working yarn through the loop

Crochet Base Adjustable Ring, Step 3


Step 3:  Ch 1.  You have now initiated the adjustable ring.

Crochet Base Adjustable Ring, Step 4


Step 4:  Follow the pattern instructions to determine how many stitches to work in the ring.

Crochet Base Adjustable Ring, Step 5


Step 5:  Once the first round of stitches is complete, pull the tail snugly to close the ring and create a perfect first round.