Stitch Diva Studios Stunt Knitting and Crocheting Program

Stitch Diva Studios Stunt Knitting and Crocheting Program

Stitch Diva Studios is always looking for talented contract knitters and crocheters: Stitchers who can help us test the instructions in our patterns as well as help us create display samples for our shows, marketing events and various publications. We are looking for people who are not only passionate about the craft, but who can also work to deadlines, who are able to work well with others and who have excellent technical and critical review skills.  These people are more than just good knitters or crocheters – they are “Stunt Stitchers”.

This is what we are able to offer for our contract knit/crochet program:

  • We use online collaboration software (similar to Facebook) so that you will be able to intimately interact with the designer, editor and technical editor of our patterns in a unique group environment. This provides a great opportunity to meet talented people who are doing innovative work in the craft, as well as expand your own expertise in a very meaningful and hands-on way. It's a great way to get your foot in the door of the needle arts business.

  • Compensation is calculated per yard. Yarn would be supplied to you and leftover yarn would need to be returned.

  • Any incurred shipping costs would be reimbursed.

  • Pattern credit for samples you prepare to support publication of a pattern. The credit would read – Stunt Stitching: Your Name. This credit would appear on Stitch Diva Studios Patterns, and if possible, in other work done for publication. For work done in support of pattern publication, we would also ask that you provide pattern corrections as appropriate.

If you are interested in our Stunt Knitting and Crocheting Program, please contact us for an evaluation. We will send you a test, and would need you to mail us a sample swatch and a completed evaluation form. We regret that we are unable to return your submission materials.

Please email us for more information.