Fix circular needles that snag


Don't you HATE circular needles that don't have a smooth join?  Here's a tip on how you can fix them.  All you need is a little Sugru (affiliate link).

For me, a good circular needle must have 2 things: super pointy tips and a super smooth join. 

I have some incredible hand-turned circulars. My favorites are size #1 and made of rosewood.  They have super pointy tips - the pointiest I have ever used and I loved that about them.  They are 40", perfect for magic loop. And the needles themselves are short and fit perfectly in my hands. Despite all this perfection, I just couldn't use them. I got too frustrated because of the snagging. But I just couldn't let them go, and now I'm happy I held on to them!

Sugru is a pretty amazing little DIY product for fixing so many things.  One of the cool things about Sugru is that it's hand moldable. You don't need any special tools and there are no weird toxic chemicals.  Another thing is that it is flexible when it dries. That makes it perfect for hacking the joins on your circular knitting needles.

If you can work with play-dough, you can work with Sugru.  Take a look at my short little video below to see how easy it was for me to fix my new favorite circular needles.

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