Tunisian Crochet - Working in the Round

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It IS possible to do Tunisian Crochet in the Round. We present two seamless methods for Tunisian in the Round: Tunisian Loop Technique and Double-Ended Spiral Method

Tunisian Loop Technique

This technique was 'unvented' by Stitch Diva Jennifer Hansen, inspired by the 'Magic Loop' method of circular knitting popularized by Cat Bordhi.

Part 1: The Foundation Round

(see Joining the Foundation Chain lower on this page for a demo of joining the foundation round)

Part 2: Subsequent Rounds

Part 3: 3 Color Tunisian in the Round

See our 'Three Color Tunisian' tutorial for an introduction to working this technique flat.

Double-Ended Hook Spiral Technique

This method of working in the round is worked with a double-ended crochet hook. Loops are worked onto the hook with one side of the hook and then worked off with the opposite end of the hook. The fabric is built up working rounds in a spiral.

Part 1: Fundamentals

Part 2: Joining the Foundation Chain

Joining the foundation chain applies to both the Double-Ended Spiral as well as the Tunisian Loop method of working in the round.