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This stylish collection of 4 less-than-one-skein projects is full of “cheats” and “tricks” that make a little bit of yarn, skill (and time!) go a long way. Perfect for last minute gifts!
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Knit Patterns - Not Finished Items

This stylish collection of less-than-one-skein projects is full of “cheats” and “tricks” that make a little bit of yarn, skill (and time!) go a long way.
Perfect for last minute gifts, we present 4 wonderful ways to use your single skeins and leftover yarn in impressive little ways.

Items in the collection include:

  • Wavy Headband:  A clever use of just a little bit of yarn makes a perfect fit for any sized head: just stop when you get the right fit! No seaming is required, beads are optional, or use a fancy yarn for some really low-effort impact!
  • Evening Bag: Aptly named, this very clever little bag can be knit in just one evening. Using short rows and a stitch that really highlights beautiful yarn, it is a snap to create, requiring minimal yarn and absolutely no seaming.
  • Grecian Headband: This is a very fast little knitting project and perhaps even a “cheat”. But you will look very patrician in this classic, adjustable head ornament made of twisted cord and a little knitting.
  • Waist Cincher: This wrap-around, obi-style belt is slimming and very, very stylish. Worked from short end to short end, just stop knitting once you reach the perfect fit.

If you get stuck, don't despair!  All stitches within this pattern are explained within our free, online Knit Tutorial!

Additional Information

Skill Level Intermediate
Skill Level Description Uses a variety of stitches and stitch patterns, simple color changes, simple finishing.
Finished Size
  • Wavy Headband:
    • Approximately 3" wide. Knit to desired length
  • Waist cincher:
    • Waist:  S/M (L/XL, 2X, 3X) = 30 (36, 42, 46)"
  • Evening Bag:
    • Approx. 6" H x 10" W
  • Grecian Headband:
    • Adjustable to fit any size adult head
Featured Yarn(s)
  • Wavy Headband:
    • Tilli Tomas Plie
  • Waist Cincher:
    • Tilli Tomas Rock Star
  • Evening Bag:
    • Tilli Tomas Mariel’s Crystals - also shown in Plie (copper) and Rock Star (straw)
  • Grecian Headband:
    • Tilli Tomas Disco Lights
Featured Yarn Gauge
Yardage Requirement
  • Wavy Headband:
    • Yards:  45
    • Skeins of featured yarn:  1
  • Waist Cincher:
    • Yards:  150 (168, 178, 191)
    • Skeins of featured yarn:  1 (2, 2, 2)
  • Evening Bag:
    • Yards:  100
    • Skeins of featured yarn:  1
  • Grecian Headband:
    • Yards:  60
    • Skeins of featured yarn:  1
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