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We focus mainly on "try-on-as-you-go" construction to help you create garments that are not only fun to make, but also fun to wear. Our patterns are highly tutorial, containing closeups and how-to photography.

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  1. Andalusia


    As low as: $7.00

    Crochet Hairpin Lace + Broomstick Lace Pattern - Not an actual garment

    Andalusia is a skirt, a cardi, a dress, a tunic, a poncho, a shrug, a cape - and more. Since it is created in crochet Hairpin Lace and Broomstick Lace, this garment is a very quick project for its size. We feature 10 different ways to wear Andalusia, but our suggestions are only meant to prime your imagination. Stretch your wardrobe with this versatile design. Learn More
  2. Art Nouveau Poncho

    Art Nouveau Poncho

    As low as: $7.00

    A bohemian knit poncho which alludes to the earthy styles of the 70’s. Learn More
  3. Asymmetric Redux

    Asymmetric Redux

    As low as: $7.00

    Crochet Poncho Pattern - Not a Finished Garment

    We’ve revised and reinterpreted the pattern that introduced a new generation of crocheters to the beauty of Tunisian Crochet: our popular Asymmetric Poncho.

    Our new version replaces the shoulder seam with a shawl pin and provides new ideas for wearing this versatile design. This light and airy garment is the perfect “barely-there-layer” for warmer weather and looks great over clothing or as a cover-up at the beach.

    There are 3 key components to the Asymmetric Redux: a large Tunisian Crochet hook, gorgeous yarn and basic Tunisian Crochet stitches. The result is a garment that looks woven, has luxurious drape and works up in a snap thanks to the hefty hook.

    Learn More
  4. Cardi Wraps

    Cardi Wraps

    As low as: $7.00

    A classic bestseller! Half shawl – half cardigan, this clingy creation is only slightly more advanced than a scarf requiring a minimum of expertise to deliver a maximum style impact. One pattern contains 2 versions: Crochet Hairpin Lace or Knitting Instructions. Learn More
  5. Casual Glamour Capelet

    Casual Glamour Capelet

    As low as: $7.00

    Think short, open poncho - a retro Hollywood Glamour mini-cape for a very “now” look. Learn More
  6. Celebrity Look-Alike Shawl

    Celebrity Look-Alike Shawl

    As low as: $7.00

    This exquisitely beautiful crochet shawl pattern can be crocheted with under 800 yards of yarn over a weekend. Learn More
  7. Convertible Wrap PDF Download

    Convertible Wrap PDF Download



    Dress, scarf, halter, capelet, shrug, shawl...

    Only your imagination limits how this garment can be worn.

    The convertible wrap is not only a fun and easy introduction to hairpin lace, it is a great accessory for summer and evening wear. Create this simple, striking fabric using a hairpin lace loom and simple crochet stitches. Finish the wrap with a twisted cord tie and 2 matching shawl pins and you’ve got limitless wear possibilities.

    Learn More
  8. Demure Flower Capelet

    Demure Flower Capelet

    As low as: $7.00

    For knitters and crocheters alike - a sweet and demure capelet. Learn More
  9. Endless Broomstick Lace Cardi Shawl

    Endless Broomstick Lace Cardi Shawl

    As low as: $7.00

    Part cardigan, part shawl: Endless ways to wear it.

    Work it with sleeves or without, with one yarn or with two. This straightforward project is a crocheted broomstick lace rectangle with a simple yet stunning circular edging – no shaping or seaming required! It’s flattering to any body type and with just shawl pin or belt can be draped “right-way-up” or “upside-down” for countless looks. Don’t be surprised if this relaxing design becomes not only a favorite project to crochet, but your favorite wearable too.

    Learn More
  10. Endless Crochet Cardi Shawl

    Endless Crochet Cardi Shawl

    As low as: $7.00

    Crochet Pattern - Not an actual garment

    Part cardigan, part shawl: Endless ways to wear it. This straightforward project is just a crocheted lace rectangle with a sumptuous edging - no shaping or seaming required. Learn More
  11. Endless Knitted Cardi Shawl

    Endless Knitted Cardi Shawl

    As low as: $7.00

    Knit Pattern - Not an actual garment

    Part cardigan, part shawl: Endless ways to wear it. Work it with sleeves or without, with one yarn or with two. This is a straightforward knit, within the grasp of any knitter who's finished a first scarf since it's mostly just a simple rectangle with no seaming. The garment is cleverly constructed by merely folding the piece as directed and binding off with three needles. Learn More
  12. Floral Mini Poncho

    Floral Mini Poncho

    As low as: $7.00

    This feminine, breezy mini-poncho is perfect for warmer weather. Learn More
  13. Furry Wraps

    Furry Wraps

    As low as: $7.00

    Two luscious, furry wrap styles that you can create using knit or crochet. Learn More
  14. Hiawatha Poncho

    Hiawatha Poncho

    As low as: $7.00

    This crocheted poncho is rustic, warm and sexy and is crocheted in the round from the top down, in order to provide optimum fit and almost zero finishing. Learn More
  15. Klimt


    As low as: $7.00


    Cloak yourself in a mosiac of hairpin lace... 

    Start with a gorgeous yarn, then pick up a crochet hook and a hairpin lace loom to make several simple, circular motifs. Once complete, pin the motifs to a work surface. Then join the motifs together with a tapestry needle following a basic method we teach you that is adapted from a Romanian Point Lace technique. Our instructions include detailed tutorial photography and video tutorials as well.

    The method is simple: you just need to carve out the time to create your own masterpiece.

    Learn More
  16. Shawl of Solomon

    Shawl of Solomon

    As low as: $7.00

    Speedy solomon’s knots make for quick work in this shawl and use significantly less yarn than would a more solid stitch. 

    A rich, heavy edging adds drama and slinky weight to the ethereal netting of the shawlette body.  

    Modifying this pattern is easy since it’s designed to be crocheted from the tip up. In this way, you can stop crocheting once you’ve reached the size that you want.  Keep in mind that your yardage requirements will differ if you modify the size of the project.

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  17. Thundercloud Wrap

    Thundercloud Wrap

    As low as: $7.00

    Crochet Pattern - Not actual wrap

    Cozy as a cloud. Striking as a thunderclap!

    This rectangular wrap has proportions designed for versatility - wear it like a shawl, an oversized scarf, or pin it to wear as a poncho, a cardi or even a shrug.

    Feminine but not fussy, this design combines complementary crochet lace patterns and interesting stitching techniques. Combining speedy Solomon’s Knots and standard crochet stitches in a unique base pattern, it is built up using various openwork edgings, including an intricate applied edging worked in a technique similar to Bruges Lace.

    We provide you detailed stitch diagrams, how-to stitch tutorials and close-up stitch photography to help you achieve project success.

    Learn More
  18. Valladolid


    As low as: $7.00

    Crochet Pattern - Not actual shawl

    Valladolid was inspired by the Mexican colonial town of the same name in the Yucatan. It's one of Mexico's "Magical Towns", defined by colonial architecture and breezy atmosphere that transports you back to another era. This is the place that designer Jennifer Hansen created this shawl.

    Valladolid is worked from the center-top downwards in an expanding triangle. The patterning follows a sequence of 4 different lace designs, all fully described in both text instructions and crochet diagrams. 

    It’s easy to make this design larger by working more repeats of the sections you like best. Or you can keep it at the smaller size that it was designed at.

    Scroll down below to see some of the cool things about this new design.

    (We also offer kits in various fibers and prices for this shawl. Whichever kit you choose, you just have to pay for the yarn. We'll give you the pattern for FREE! )

    Learn More
  19. Wraps Organica

    Wraps Organica

    As low as: $7.00

    Knit or crochet? Whichever you choose, you can wrap yourself in lacy glamour following our shawl instructions, which feature organic forms and basic construction techniques for knitting and hairpin lace. Learn More

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