Lucet Bracelet

Make this very simple bracelet with a lucet cord and a decorative button.

For this cord we used a lucet cord with a decorative gimp.  Don't know how to do it?  Take a look at the how-to-video below to learn how.  You can use a lucet cord with a gimp for this bracelet, or just use any kind of lucet cord that you'd like. (See our Lucet Cord Tutorials for other cord options.)

To make the bracelet with your finished lucet cord, just take a look at the phototutorial below.

What you need

Materials for bracelet

Here's what you will need:

A finished lucet cord of about 54".  Make it shorter or longer based on how many times you'd like to wrap it around your wrist.  Leave at least 4" beginning tails and 20" ending tails so that you can use the tails to complete the bracelet.  For the featured lucet cord we used the Wool Tree Mill Lucet, Lucci Rayon in color Periwinkle for the working yarn and DK Cotton Tape in Color Beet Red as the Gimp.

A decorative button.

A tapestry needle appropriate for your lucet cord yarn.


Make the Button Loop

Pinch the loop

Pinch the end of the lucet cord that has the longer 20" tails into a loop that will accomodate your button. Make it a little larger than your button as you will be making the loop opening a little smaller by wrapping the tails in a subsequent step.


Make the loop

Thread the 20" tails (Gimp and working yarn) through the tapestry needle and then through the lucet cord in order to secure the loop.


wrapped loop

Wrap the tails around the base of the loop as well as around the part of the lucet cord just before the loop.  Once you are satisfied with the wraps, poke the tapestry needle through the wraps and underneath them to secure them.  Once the tails are securely woven in, trim off the excess.


Sew on Button

Sew on button

Use the tail on the opposite end of the lucet cord to attach to the button.  Use tapestry needle to weave excess tail through the lucet cord in order to secure it then cut off excess tail.


That's it!

lucet bracelet

It's just that easy. Now wrap the cord around your wrist and enjoy your new bracelet.


Wool Tree Mill Lucets are available on the Stitch Diva Studios website.


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