Lucet Bracelet

Make this very simple bracelet with a lucet cord and a decorative button.

For this cord we used a lucet cord with a decorative gimp.  Don't know how to do it?  Take a look at the how-to-video below to learn how.  You can use a lucet cord with a gimp for this bracelet, or just use any kind of lucet cord that you'd like. (See our Lucet Cord Tutorials for other cord options.)

To make the bracelet with your finished lucet cord, just take a look at the phototutorial below.

What you need

Materials for bracelet

Here's what you will need:

A finished lucet cord of about 54".  Make it shorter or longer based on how many times you'd like to wrap it around your wrist.  Leave at least 4" beginning tails and 20" ending tails so that you can use the tails to complete the bracelet.  For the featured lucet cord we used the Wool Tree Mill Lucet, Lucci Rayon in color Periwinkle for the working yarn and DK Cotton Tape in Color Beet Red as the Gimp.

A decorative button.

A tapestry needle appropriate for your lucet cord yarn.


Make the Button Loop

Pinch the loop

Pinch the end of the lucet cord that has the longer 20" tails into a loop that will accomodate your button. Make it a little larger than your button as you will be making the loop opening a little smaller by wrapping the tails in a subsequent step.


Make the loop

Thread the 20" tails (Gimp and working yarn) through the tapestry needle and then through the lucet cord in order to secure the loop.


wrapped loop

Wrap the tails around the base of the loop as well as around the part of the lucet cord just before the loop.  Once you are satisfied with the wraps, poke the tapestry needle through the wraps and underneath them to secure them.  Once the tails are securely woven in, trim off the excess.


Sew on Button

Sew on button

Use the tail on the opposite end of the lucet cord to attach to the button.  Use tapestry needle to weave excess tail through the lucet cord in order to secure it then cut off excess tail.


That's it!

lucet bracelet

It's just that easy. Now wrap the cord around your wrist and enjoy your new bracelet.


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Happenings at Stitches West 2014

Feb 26, 2014 1:23:00 PM

Stitch Diva Studios at Stitches West 2014


We really enjoyed visiting with everyone at Stitches West.  For those of you who missed us, I'll post some highlights here on the blog and don't miss our sale.  

We've got limited quanties of some items that we offered at deep discount at the show - Great for those who weren't able to make it to Santa Clara, CA last weekend.


Stitch Swappers at Stitches West


Stitch Marker Swappers!  Here I am at the booth with a couple of very excited Stitch Marker Swappers.

All the swappers at the show wore some form of identification and traded stitch markers with each other as well as other vendors.

Fast Friends


Bromance!  Okay, I know 'bromance' is technically a term for two guys who become fast friends, but these 2 women became best friends in the booth!

They didn't know each other before they saw my Broomstick Lace demo together but afterwards they ended up helping each other choose yarn for my Craftsy Broomstick class which they decided to take together.

Who says that crochet doesn't change lives?

Larisa at Stitches West


 Larisa Snydal from Offhand Designs was at the booth helping knitters and crocheters choose their perfect bag or clutch.

Tool Pron - needles, wool trees, hooks, lucets


Tool Pr0n!  We had handmade hooks and needles, hairpin lace looms, Hamanaka hooks, Lucets and Wool Trees on hand for knitters and crocheters to try.

I also did a lot of demostrations and taught a number of folks how to use the lucet.

Buying Pearl


Pearl!  Our Pearl was discounted to $7 so was a big mover at the booth.  Although a number of colors sold out, we've got some good stock of the remaining colors if you are looking for a bag or more.

Rebel Cardi


Rebel Cardi!  We had quite a few crocheters stop by to model their Rebel Cardis (learn to make your own in my Craftsy class).

You can make any size cardi with a cone of Cotton Tape yarn, and we have some select colors on sale right now.

Amanda Pawley from Pawley Studios

Amanda Pawley of Pawley Studios had her own booth at the show with all of her gorgeous mugs and yarn bowls on display.

Watch our site for some new creations from her pottery wheel.


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Visit us at Stitches West!

Feb 4, 2014 11:25:53 AM

Stitches West Coupon

We're getting ready to be at Stitches West later this month and we hope to see you there!

Swing by our booth for hands-on help and demonstrations of:

Tunisian Crochet 
Hairpin Lace
Broomstick Lace
- and the Lucet!  

Not only will we be demonstrating the basics, but we'll have tools on hand for you to practice the techniques yourself.


In addition to learning experiences, you will find some great show-only deals in the booth on:

Offhand Designs bags (Larisa the owner/designer of Offhand Designs will be there to help you select your bag!)
Wool Trees & Lucets
- & more....  but you are just going to have to visit us to see... 

Download the coupon pdf for $3 off Market Admission and don't forget to stop by and say 'hi' to us in Booth #1032.


Wear a garment that you created based on one of our patterns, and we'll give you a free download pattern! ($7 value)

Read More
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Lucet Cord Necklace

Oct 15, 2013 2:22:03 PM

Lucet Cord Necklace

I've been playing around with the lucet and some lustrous rayon yarn lately.  I'm experimenting with ways of using lucet cording and simple knotting to create jewelry.

Lucet Cord

I'm a total beginner at corded jewelry. I created a 90" lucet cord using Lucci Rayon, my Wool Tree Lucet, and my handy Wool Tree (great for working with cone yarns).  

If you've never tried lucet cording before, it is super simple - I posted the above YouTube video some time back to demonstrate the basic technique that I've used to create this necklace.  

I found the You Tube video above and followed the instructions for attaching a pendant with a figure-eight knot, as well as the instructions for the adjustable knot closures.

Necklace Knotted Closure

I left a 4" starting and ending tail on my lucet cord and beaded these tails so that my closure could also be decorative. I used a beading needle to weave the beaded tail back through the center of the lucet cord to secure it.

Lucet Cord Necklace

I wanted to create a necklace that could be worn very long or wrapped around the neck multiple times and worn as a choker. The adjustable beaded closure offers lots of opportunities to tweak the length of the necklace so that it is just perfect once wrapped around the neck, and I like to swing the pendant over the extra wraps of cording to create a unique twisted look when the necklace is worn.

Lucet Cord NecklaceAfter working my cord, I did hit it with some steam to smooth my stitches.  I'm loving the results and looking forward to exploring more ways of creating cording and also incorporating them in my knit and crochet projects.

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Endless Broomstick Lace Cardi Shawl

This post is long overdue. My Beyond Basic Broomstick Lace class on Craftsy has been out for a few months now, and one of the most common questions I get in the class is "What are you wearing?" and "Do you have a pattern for that?".  

Below is a rundown of what I am wearing in each lesson and a link to where you can obtain the pattern and/or kit for the project to make your own version of each project.

Up above in Lesson 1 (Introduction) you can see me wearing the Endless Broomstick Lace Cardi Shawl.  This totally versatile garment can be worn a ton of different ways. I am wearing it backwards and upside down with a shawl pin in the back!  It is a great project to make either during or after you complete the class.

Casual Glamour Capelet

In Lesson 2 where I introduce the basics of Broomstick Lace, you can see me wearing the Casual Glamour Capelet - a knitted design worked from the top down.  On the mannequin next to me is the Hourglass Jacket - a broomstick lace, seamless jacket also made from the top down.

Bullseye Tank

In Lesson 3 we talk about how to measure yourself for the Rebel Cardi project and how to choose which size to make. I'm wearing the Bullseye Tank just for the occasion. I'm also wearing my very favorite pair of earrings - I'm always getting stopped and complimented on them. They are made by Zoa Chimerum - visit them online!

Tunisian Crochet Multi Garment

In Lesson 4 we start to learn some non-traditional broomstick lace stitches and how to create your swatch for the project. I've got the crazy eyes in this photo because I'm really serious about swatching! I'm wearing the Tunisian Crochet Multi Garment which is the class project for the Tunisian Crochet class that I teach on Craftsy.

Tunisian Crochet Chainmaille Cowl

In Lesson 5 I demonstrate the blocking techniques that I use to create a properly fitted garment and I give all sorts of tips and tricks for getting project gauge.  I'm wearing the Chainmaille Cowl which is a free pattern download on the Stitchdiva site and a great first project for learning to do Tunisian Crochet in the round.

Throat Adornments Crochet

In Lesson 6 I'm wearing a necklace from the Crochet Throat Adornments pattern called Crochet Throat Cuff.  The crazy eyes are back in this photo because I'm trying to ensure your success as you crochet the upper bodice of the Rebel Cardi project that we are creating in the class.

Decidedly Different Scarves - Tunisian Scarf

In Lesson 7 I'm wearing a Tunisian Crochet Scarf called Falling Layers that is available in our More Decidedly Different Scarves collection.  In this lesson, I walk you through the steps of creating the lower back bodice and give some other crochet tips for decreasing or increasing evenly to reach a desired stitch count.

Asymmetric Poncho Redux Tunisian Crochet

In Lesson 8 I show how to create the cardi's collar and I am wearing the Asymmetric Redux project as an oversized scarf. This project is a great first project when learning Tunisian Crochet since it is fast and simple.

Wraps Organica Hairpin Lace Wrap

In Lesson 9 we work on the Bottom Hem of the Rebel Cardi. I'm wearing Vapor - a Hairpin Lace design included in the Wraps Organica pattern.

Endless Broomstick Cardi Shawl

In Lesson 10, I wear a different sample of the  Endless Broomstick Lace Cardi Shawl in Lesson 10 of the class where we learn to work Broomstick Lace in the round.  This time I am wearing the cardi right side up and right-ways round - finishing it with a pennanular shawl pin (my favorite type!).

Rebel Cardi and Andalusia

In the final lesson, Lesson 11, I talk about using Broomstick Lace for edgings, insertions and present the bonus wristlet and hat projects that we create in the class - Velutinous Lace wristlets and hats.  I show how Broomstick Lace has been applied as an edging the the very striking Andalusia Hairpin Lace project. And of course, I am wearing the Rebel Cardi, which is the project we make together in the class - fastening it in the front with my favorite Penannular Shawl Pin.

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